Tuesday 25 May 2010


Hallo dear all of you,

Typography exercises for lunch today. (No. 1.) Or organizing and finding treasures behind the bookshelf. One lost drawing became found. Two years being lost or forgotten and still when finding it, everything from that moment became like those two years´ moments never existed. Blue pen on a light transparent paper, already a lot of leaves then, remembering the table and the window views while drawing.

Painting meadows today for the ones celebrating this summer. Walking under an umbrella, bare ankles getting splashes of rain drops through puddles yesterday. The birch tree scent is sweet and strong after every rain. A cuckoo sings in the allotments.

How is your Tuesday?


  1. this is beautiful! this would look so beautiful on fabric!
    you're awesome anna emilia

  2. that's one big book on top!

    i love those leaves.
    and i get that too, the memories connected with drawing.. sometimes when i make certain combinations of small marks on the paper it will suddenly bring an entire piece of dialogue heard from a film in the background from ages ago.

    anyway, it's beautiful. good that you found it again :)

  3. phewww! i am impressed by your watercolor. so many details.

  4. Oi! Kivoja! Sekä typoasetelmat että hurmaava maalaus. Onpa sulla yhteneväisen mittaisia kirjoja - järjestin just oman hyllyni ja kummastelin sekavaa kokovalikoimaa. Onko korkeimmalla oleva jättiopus Geographica? :)

  5. the paintings are beautiful.
    do you sell your work somewhere online?
    i'd love to buy something similar to the "meadows" above

  6. Hello there :) Beautiful illustrations! Have a sweet week Anna!

  7. I stupidly say it takes a certain serenity to paint like that ...

  8. Dear Ayelen,

    Thank you so much! Makes me very happy to hear that you like my work!

    Dear Donna,

    That big book contains the whole Earth inside it (:

    Memories are funny as they come without a warning sometimes. And sometimes the smells are the strongest of those!

    Dear Caterine,

    Thank you! It is lovely to sit by the window and let the hand move on the paper.

    Hei Essinen,

    Kirjat on tätin pokkareita, mutta kyllä täälläkin kokoeroja löytyy. Tarkkaan tutkit, kun tuon Geographican löysit (:

    Mukavia kesäpäiviä!

    Dear Hearblack,

    Today I emailed you, hopefully it gives some more information!

    Thank you so much!

    Hello dear Flora (:

    Thank you so much! Have a great week you too with little Lou Me!

    Dear Arrosoir,

    (: The times painting are very dear to me.

  9. the watercolour is beautiful, i always wonder how you do all those amazing textures and details!

    like the book stack letters by the way.

  10. your illustration is really, really amazing. i love it!

  11. Beautiful paintings.. Your blog is very lovely!

  12. hi anna, i have a look at your blog for the first time and i´m fascinated by your drawings. - they are so nice. a little bit from another time. oldfashion. i would like to read your blog regular. but i don´t know in which way. (normally there is a button at the welcome page but there is none at yours.) can you help me, please? lotte.

  13. Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you so much!

    A lot of tea is brewed on the way to make them (:


    Dear Helena,

    My pleasure! It sounds wonderful the story going on in your give-away.

    Happy weekend!


    Thank you kindly dear Melissa!


    Dear Brit,

    I am very happy to hear that.

    Have a good weekend!


    Dear Lotte,

    It makes me very happy to hear that! Happy that I could also help you through the email I sent you about the reading list (:

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I love those paintings so much, they are so lush and just like springtime. I can almost smell the clover.

    Also, what an amazing thing to do with books! :)

  15. one day it would be lovely to discover your paintings have found their way onto bolts of voile or soft cotton....ready to be transformed into flowing dresses or curtains!

  16. Dear Julianna,

    That makes me happy to read your words!

    It would be wonderful to be able to write more with books, actually such a strange thing: books are themselves filled with letters, words, sentences and chapters!


    Dear Diane,

    I surely will keep that in mind (:

    Happy days!

  17. I discovered your blog through Abby Try Again--- your meadow painting is just so, so lovely.