Thursday 22 April 2010


Happy dear Thursday,

It is very cloudy and the wind keeps on singing with a strong voice through the grayness. Maybe he is missing the sun too these days. But the first lunch was eaten on my balcony some days ago when it still was warm and yellow light all around. Freckles on their way on my nose.

A new allotment hut appeared next to the two older ones. I already wondered what it is all the banging and ruckus outdoors. It is probably a studio of mine, my company name was approved this week and it is simply Anna Emilia. Whenever there will be a break in the commission works I am doing, I promise to work more on the online store which you have been eagerly asked about lately. Thank you for all the comments, emails and letters dear all of you, they keep me going and I am happy to answer them!

Today I am very hungry. Luckily there is a big kettle of summer soup. What will you eat today?

Have a delightful evening!


  1. I love these little allotments very much, are you going to make an entire village?

  2. oh the younger ones are so pretty too with their blue-green-coat they are wearing....
    I just came home..and had a very simple dinner...boiled potatoes and carrots with self-made herb-butter and was nothing special..but perfect for tonight..

  3. Anna Emilia Company?! So happy to hear that, dear! :)

    Oh and can I just have that little white house with soft pink roses... So adorable! xo

  4. I like the branches that say hello from the black envelope on the right.
    My dinner today was some cheese and tomatoes. Plus homemade bread.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  5. hienoja vähän surullisia puita. sinun suunnitelmat kuulostaa mielenkiintoisilta ja hyviltä, odotan innolla uusia juttuja.

    kesäkeitto on lempikeitto! tänään aiomme syödä riisiä seesaminsiemenillä, porkkanoita ja sieni-papumuhennosta. mutta ensin töitä! hyvää perjantaita ja kevätsateita.

  6. the little houses are so adorable

    i don't know what i will eat today, but i do know today is so humid, rainy, and cold, so i would wanna have something hot to warm my stomach

    i wish you a very nice day today, dear anna


  7. I love yours little huts !
    This morning, i drink a big cup of tea "Prince Vladimir" and some toasts with pears jam. Have a sweet day miss Anna Emilia (company ?).

  8. curious about your webshop! those huts are super lovely, your work is always so nice and sweet.

  9. Oh, these are just so incredible !
    You're creating the loviest world ever !
    ... today I will try to bake some naan, as it seems to be a rainy saturday which is beginning here !

  10. oh i wish my home looked like this!!
    talk very soOn
    kisses from paris

  11. Maybe one day one of his little houses on stilts come aground at home? but how?

  12. truly sumptuous.

    today i will roast tomato in the oven until it is small and concentrated with flavour

  13. Dear Jennifer,

    I am very happy to hear that. Now that they are three, I think it makes the tiniest village. But maybe they get a few more neighbors, just that they have more reasons to drink tea together.


    Dear Maria,

    It sounds like a very good dinner. The simplest things are the best.


    Dear Shokoofeh,

    I am very happy too, thank you for being there as a support! (:


    Dear Iluize,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I think homemade bread is the best one can have. Lucky you! And thank you, I had a very good weekend! Happy new week!


    Kiitos kultainen Hanna!

    Mmm, riisit seesamilla kuulostaa pehmeälle ruualle, täytyy maistaa! Ei vieläkään sadetta, vain välillä sen näköisiä pilviä. Vaikka tänäänkin pääsin kotiin vielä melkein valoisassa, vaikka kello oli jo kymmenen! Aina unohtaa miten valo vain kasvaa ja kasvaa ja miten kauniiksi auringonlasku muuttuu.

    Hauskaa tiistaita sinne toiselle puolen merten taa!


    Dear Oly,

    Thank you!

    I wish you got your tunny warmed up, and many cups of good tea.

    Be well!



    Dear Anne,

    So happy to hear that. Prince Vladimir sounds like a good tea and a good company to drink with (: Wishing to taste some pear jam one day!

    Have a good Tuesday tomorrow!


    Thank you sweetest Mieke&Veronik! Many happy evening wishes for you!


    Dear Lilie-Melo,

    Thank you so much!

    Naan bread sounds very yammy!


    Thank you dear Gini! Kisses back to Paris!


    Dear Arrosoir,

    We just need to wait and wish enough (:


    Dear Girl Ferment,

    Thank you!

    Oh tomatoes are always so good! I need to try that too. Have a good Tuesday tomorrow, now sweet dreams!