Thursday 28 January 2010


It feels like mid winter. Stormy wind comes through the window seams and knocks on doors making them to clatter. Yesterday evening I ran back home from a tea at downtown only to stay warm. Frozen face and toes anyway I got, but under blankets everything melts.

Today I work under a shawl escaping the wind coming through the windows. Cutting and folding old aquarelle pieces to prepare a coming project. A very nice project which will look completely something else than these dummies. A very nice cold stormy day under a shawl to work.

Hello, how are you?


  1. everything so pretty.
    looking forward to see what comes next :)
    i'm so fine today, being all alone, i only hear the old neighbour above my studio running to answer the phone.

  2. niin kaunis! minäkin olen leikellyt tänään paperia ja tehnyt pienen haitarikirjan. ulkona on aikamoinen viima, mutta onneksi tänään voi vaan kurkkia ikkunasta ja pysyä sisällä.

  3. good thanks...I love your posts.

  4. Even those dummies looks really nice, can't wait to see the final ones! Sending some sunshine from the south! Yanyan

  5. ihanaa anna. jännittävältä kuulostaa. panamassakin on oltava peiton sisällä ja villatamineissa. tuuli kulkee ovesta ja ikkunoista. on siellä vähän liika kylmä, ei uskois vaikka panamassa ollaan!

  6. it's super cold here too these days. we're constantly switching from sunny clear to stormy snows. quite strange weather. keep warm!

  7. Winter was so late here this year. We're having cold weather these days as well... I wish for a lovely snow...

    And I am fine, so busy but fine; and I think those little pockets(?) are adorable! xo

  8. Dear Sandra,

    Pretty sure I am that the old neighbor above you look a bit like one of your characters with a small black bag and a small hat over grey curly hairs. Hurrying to find her purse to be ready to answer the phone (:


    Kultainen Satu,

    Haitarikirja kuulostaa parhaimmalta mitä viimaisena päivänä voinee tehdä. Tänään hieman jo lämpimämpää, mutta kädet lämmittelevät vielä tiuhaan teekupin ympärillä.


    Thank you dear Zelda,

    Nice to meet you!


    Dear Char,

    Thank you very much. That is nice to hear! Hugs back to you (they will arrive quickly in this wind).


    Thank you very much dear Yanyan. It is nice to get some Californian sun rays in the middle of the winter! Will save them and release when the snow starts to melt to make it quicker :)


    Heippa Hanna Panaman,

    Seuraan sääkartalta lempipaikkojeni säätä ja kyllä siellä Panamassa hellettä riittää. Ja ukkosia. Helsingin Panamassa on ihan hyvä olla viltin alla ja ahertaa. Kyllä sää pian leppyy ja Panamasta pian lämpö puhaltaa. Kovasti terveisiä!


    Dear May,

    Welcome, nice to meet you! Stay warm you too and enjoy the strong weathers for me!


    Dear Shokoofeh,

    Hopefully your project is going well and you will get a bit of snow to enjoy the work more.

    These little dummy pockets will be much bigger album covers later this spring (: I promise they will look very different then! Thank you very much.


    Dear all,

    Thank you for writing these words and visiting this Weather Diary, it makes this late morning very pretty with the clouds in the sky the same color as the snow on the ground.

    Enjoy this Friday and have a comfortable start for your weekend!

  9. ja, we feel and see it also, this nord wind. nice but enough...
    the entrance to the new project looks very nice!

  10. Dear Tami,

    Thank you! Nice to meet you. I heard it is a lot of snow in Germany. Be warm for this weekend!

  11. Here the wind is strong and cold but I'm not sure it's coming from north pole, it's a long trip to come to us... Spring isn't very far, we feel it. Days are longer and flowers appear.
    Today Angelin is 3 years old and we invite his best friend this afternoon to celebrate it. And now, I have to go in the kitchen to cook a chocolate cake... I'm lookin forward to see more of your new project.
    have a nice and warm week end.

  12. these papers are beautiful.

  13. Dear Anne,

    It was so cold that I was sure the wind came from The North Pole, but I might be also wrong. Lately I haven´t read or listened the news so I have to make my own weather forecasts (:

    Many best wishes to Angelin, hopefully his day was filled with joy and that there is no trace of the cake left!

    Have a good Sunday.


    Dear Marie,

    Thank you kindly. Lovely to see your blooming summer.

    Have a comfortable Sunday!

  14. dear anna emilia, what beautiful surprise today for me discover your blog!
    i love your art from many times, from now i'll follow you also in these pages. have a good time, tiziana

  15. Dear Tiziana, (Oh now I remember my very first English writing pen pal from Malta, her name was Tiziana too!)

    Thank you very much, it makes me very grateful to hear this. You make very beautiful pictures!

    Be well Tiziana, happy February for tomorrow!

  16. how lovely wraps.
    "wind from North pole" could be the title of a book.

  17. Hello dear Karin,

    Thank you! I keep the title in my mind for the future.

    Sleep tight!

  18. Oh this is delicate and lovely!