Saturday 16 January 2010


On Thursday over a frozen lake the snow was like countless stars. We were making blocks to built a snow house. The small points of the snowflakes held each others inside every block we made. To make one block we saw the change in snow how it turned more icy all the time even we just shoveled it. That way the blocks were built slowly, pressing the snow together inside a mold. A mist was reaching us from the horizon. We were on the third round (knee height) when in a sudden all the snow turned too icy and the stars were gone. For a layer of fresh snow we wait now to try again.

Making beet root - carrot quenelles and oven potatoes with some tahini sauce. Heading to downtown for a tea and seeing what the evening brings. How is your weekend? Have a very warm one!


  1. It's great ! You are a lucky girl, you know ? Here the snow disappears... I am a little sad of that sometimes... Next time maybe, it would stay longer... This morning with my little son who is 3 years old, we were listening together Oliver Blank. I told him : I love this album (!!!) he answers me : Me too ! Have a nice week end dear Anna Emilia !

  2. Your blog is beautiful, it's a very serene feeling I get when reading it. I love your pictures, both photographs and the drawn ones.

  3. ... and yours drawings are really beautiful !

  4. Dear Anne,

    That I think to know (: Wishing you more snow soon. Here the wind got alive again and shook the trees till they dropped most of the snow from their branches.

    Sweet son you have! I have told your greetings to Oliver, I think he became happy (:


    Thank you dear Shokoofeh,

    I was looking your beautiful photographs and especially one with coffee cups and dates in it. Maybe I should have a coffee with soya milk and accompany it with some dates too (I wonder how really fresh ones taste like, here up in the North we get ones which traveled quite some time across the oceans).


    Thank you very much dear Elle,

    Nice that you have found here. Have a pleasant Sunday!

  5. Anne,

    Nice to have discovered your art work,´s adorable!

  6. Thank you kindly Stella,

    I am happy that you found here.
    annA Emilia

  7. dear anna emilia,
    i am quite in love with your artwork. that patchork igloo! it's the nicest thing i've seen in ages. thank you for sharing your beautiful words and images with us.
    p.s. thank you for the link to my blog! i have a link to yours on mine, now. :)

  8. Dearest Melissa,

    I am very happy of your words. Thank you for the link! With an inspiration I will follow your every stitch.

    Enjoy the rain and have a good weekend!

  9. I love your weather diary stories and the colour and pattern you use in your work. The snow house drawing and your story about the snowflakes reminded me of something my daughter and I were sharing the other day. It was about the contrast of the beautiful light snowflakes falling from the sky, and then, when they land and get together with their friends they become very heavy. I like the way you see beyond what is in front of you.

  10. Dear Adele,

    Thank you very much. Thank you for writing about your and your daughter´s snow thoughts. It is indeed true. Last night it was so light when it almost could stay in the air without falling. But finally in the ground it formed a huge blanket, covering everything and making it impossible to take it all away. Except for itself, by melting when the nature again wants to become a bit warmer.

    Thank you for stopping by.
    Have a warm Saturday evening.