Tuesday 8 October 2013


Autumn, so colourful, pinching nose with some colder temperatures. The sound of yellow and orange aspen tree leaves in wind. Handfuls of lingonberries on soft moss pillows.

Forest paths so inviting. Ceiling so high, walls not existing. Shadows and glimmer of tree and rock fields.

Bonfire to make it a real living room.

On the way, here and there.

Times of ice age and how it formed the landscape.

Secret codes, arrangements. New and old. Growing and fading again.

The stories about swamps and how everything could be lost inside. 

And then this moment. The smell. The taste. The slow rattle of fire. The forest in your coffee cup, the waving tree tops.

Slowly the aspen leaves are flying in the wind and the ceiling becomes more naked and higher. Before the stars are turned on, walking the forest paths back home.

Thank you so much for your kind comments about the Jacadi illustrations!

The mist has wrapped everything inside it outdoors today. Like looking at a white wall. Slowly it starts to open its curtains and colours appear from the other side of the small lake. 

Have a beautiful day!


  1. i wish i could walk with you for real in the forest...and that you could tell me a fairytale while we were laying down resting on the soft moss pillows with our eyes closed..
    i know it would have been a beautiful fairytale.

    i am happily waiting for two of your Jacadi illustarted items. a kind friend in France bought them for me : ) can't wait...

    have a beautiful autumn week
    thank you for all the beauty that you share through this lovely space of yours...
    always so wonderful to visit,


  2. Beautifully said. Wonderful photo's as always. Now I crave coffee, a trip to Finland and berries, lots of berries!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. those colours... amazing... thank you for taking us with you on that forest walk!

  4. how absolutely beautiful! your photography is gorgeous!

  5. I love looking at the world through your lens.

  6. What amazing colours in your wonderful photographs. You have a lovely blog. Penny L in Dorset U.K

  7. The Earth is beautiful<3 Your blog makes me want to go outside immediately! I think I'll finish my tea first though:)

  8. i love how i am drawn even further into your beautiful photos by the words that come with them. amazing.