Sunday, 22 September 2013


Home is where your heart is. Or your heart is where your home is. Fire burns where your home is, so your home is also where the fire burns. Home is filled with dreams and magic. Home is where it is nice to leave from, but even better to get back to. Sometimes a home is carried with you. A home on wheels.

It is my pleasure to show the first children's book that I illustrated: a poem about homes and different kinds of houses by Giovanna Zopoli, published by lovely Topipittori.

Home, hem, hjem, heim, Haus, casa, kodu, koti, domicile. All so different, but protecting and comforting. Such a big sorrow to loose a home. Such a force to build a new one. All the history of one house and its tenants. Our nests.

Maybe not such a big surprise anymore which kind is my dream home. Friends know it best: "You indeed would be a high and narrow, wooden one!" What kind of house you would like to be?

Thank you, grazie, Giovanna and Paolo for this wonderful journey through homes! 

The book, in Italian, is available here. Hopefully you enjoy!

Sunday, jazz playing in my radio. Sunny rain shower caressing windows. Candles burning, no hurry anywhere. Autumn favourite, pea soup boiling. Home is today filled with a light that has the hues of autumn. Brush strokes with the colour of warm orange and book reading moments on the sofa, wrapped in wool.

Calm autumn coloured Sunday wishes!

P.s. Almost one year ago.


  1. Wow, big congrats, beautiful book Anna Emilia!

  2. Oh this is beautiful.... Congratulations!

  3. So beautiful! I'll take it =)

  4. Wow! Truly stunning work. Congratulations to you and now I'm wishing I spoke Italian so I can read the heck out of that beautifully illustrated book.

  5. I want this solely for the art, I don't understand Italian completely :)

  6. Wahou, I want to buy one! Great great great illustrations!
    I moved to a beautiful region in the south west of France and it's almost the home of my dreams with the sun coming to the living room in the morning, a beautiful view from my balcony, a room for friends, a great kitchen to cook... Perfect place!
    Have a good week :)

    1. So lovely to hear and that indeed sounds like a perfect home (: Enjoy!

  7. Wow, so pretty, that's a nice book, like the drawings.

  8. congratulations anna emilia! it looks beautiful.

  9. I love illustrations:) I' m illustrator and I love book:) Very interesting post:) I greet:)

  10. one of your wonderful works in Italy??? ohh, yesss!!!

  11. The perfect 'birthday's gift for an Italian lady living in the north of Europe.. oh that's me by the way! Can't wait to see it!

  12. I have missed out on so much. This is absolutely wonderful. Will it be available in English? I would love to have it in my home!

  13. Thank you so much everyone <3

    Dear Kitchu, as it is a poem it might be a bit difficult to translate into English. At least for now it is only in Italian unfortunately. Thank you for liking it anyway!