Tuesday 9 July 2013


Wild strawberries and strawberries from the fields of my parents.

Ferry rides and curvy forest roads. After a summer storm checking if the tall trees survived.

Warm glimmering waters inside those tall trees.

Warm and sweet, pine scents and first blueberries. The scent of lake water. Could stay in the water until evening.

Birch trees. Last night, Patti Smith told in her concert here, a story how birch trees are girls that danced so long that they turned to birch trees. Dancing forests.

Shadows on silver meadows.


Ninety years old sauna. The cosiest one. Watching as shadows grow taller. A few steps behind to pick a few handfuls of strawberries.

Strawberry fields forever.


  1. I saw Patti here in Brussels recently. She is amazing.

  2. I don't dare to say anything in order not to ruin the magical atmosphere of the place you live in... Hi! I've been here on tip-toes, all silent.... And am leaving enchanted!...:)

  3. Those tiny strawberries are absolutely lovely. And how special to have seen Patti Smith tell her story of dancing girls and birch trees. Strawberry fields forever, indeed.

  4. Wild strawberries are the best! Summer looks very magical in your land.
    You're doing all the right things!

  5. I can only repeat Kerry, wild strawberries are the best! :)

  6. This takes me back to my childhood - such perfect memories of still lake waters and wild strawberries...

  7. Kaunista. Ja niin kaunis tuo tarina, minkä Patti Smith kertoi. Nyt kuvittelen tanssiin jähmettyneitä tyttöjä. Harmittaa, etten päässyt konserttiin.

  8. Dear Anna Emilia,
    your blog is such a kind, peaceful place. It makes me happy. Wild strawberries are so lovely indeed. But with July they are always gone here.The good thing about July however, that blueberries start to fringe the forest paths.
    Thanks for the vignettes from your life and the beautiful photos. Have a lovely day,

  9. the peace and beauty of your world is all encompassing. I wish to be able to step into your shoes for a short time..

  10. Beautiful. I love swimming in lakes too - soft water. x