Friday 24 February 2012


A small spring house to get warm between long walks.

This week some melting snow, some more new snow, strong winds, mild temperatures. Icy streets, a few puddles. Streams of running water in hills, the best kind of melody with birds singing wildly.

Thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes.

Have a sweet weekend with dreams!


  1. spring is certainly around the corner. what a lovely house...happy weekend and happy belated birthday

  2. There are the little streams of water, in the second picture.


  3. Absolutely lovely. As always : )

  4. oh how i love your spring house!

  5. and I had a many cats in this night. See :)

    1. Oh how wonderful beings they are!

      Congratulations to you and the mom cat!

  6. thank for your comment :) i love your little spring house!

  7. This is amazing! I wish I could make one myself.

  8. love the soft watercolour...
    spring will come.

    1. The spring was here at least today. Who knows maybe a few steps backwards might happen, but at least the spring came for a visit.

  9. happy in delay!
    gorgeous this house, the soft colors..

    sleep tight

  10. The Colours’ Longing
    by Edith Södergran

    For my own paleness’ sake I love red, blue and yellow,
    the great whiteness is cheerless as the snowy twilight
    when Snow-White’s mother sat at the window and wished
    herself black and red as well.
    The colours’ longing is the blood’s. If you thirst after beauty
    you must close your eyes and look into your own heart.
    Yet beauty fears the daylight and too many looks,
    yet beauty will not suffer noise or all too many movements –
    you must not bring your heart to your lips,
    we should not disturb the noble rings of silence and solitude, -
    what is greater to meet than an unsolved riddle with strange features?
    A silent woman I shall be all my life long,
    a talking woman is like the chattering beck that betrays itself,
    a lonely tree on the plain I shall be,
    the trees in the wood die of longing for storms,
    I shall be healthy from top to toe with golden streaks in my blood,
    I shall be pure and innocent as a flame with licking lips.

  11. Your paintings, your drawings, your little dsigns on your blog are so lovely! Tell me, have you seen the book "in and out the garden" by Sara Midda? There are some similarities between the two of you... I´ve tried in VAIN to find her on the net... Well, just a thought that crossed my mind. It is not that important!

    Happy to be at your blog!

  12. Tack så mycket Olga, your words truly warm me.

    Sara Midda, I must look up her work, thank you for mentioning!

    Also very happy to have you here and read your words.

    Kram från Finland.