Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Dear November, dear you,

Morning of fog and frost, morning of a favorite kind. Changing table to paint with the whiskers of the sun through that milky mist. And then, drops two envelopes from the mail box.

The other one was from Poland. Pure Magazine is a bilingual magazine (Polish-English). This issue emphasizes Finland (with amazing Marja Pirilä, Jimi Tenor, Klaus Haapaniemi, Laura Laine, Sanna Kannisto, Janine Rewell, Helsinki Dance Company, Kari Piippo). Very honored I am to be part of it with a few paintings of mine.

There are some small winter butterflies flying in my tummy. Tickling nicely, touching gently with their curvy peaks of wings my tummy. I wish it is a good winter house for them and they do feel themselves home there. They live inside me because of some lovely news from Milan, Italy. It will be busy and happy hands painting houses the whole winter through.

From my mail box has been dropping lately heart-warming envelopes, postcards and emails. I thank you deeply for every one of them, they mean a lot.

Hearts and candle light from my painting table,

Anna Emilia

(The cover illustration in the 4th photo by Janine Rewell.)


  1. Wow, they look so great in the magazine. My boyfriend and I have been wanting to buy one of your prints for so long but have great difficulty in deciding only one! I think it may have to be now 'which one first'.

  2. Hei Anna, onnea onnea tosi paljon kirjajutusta. Siitä tulee hieno ja talvestakin varmaan viihtyisä taloja maalatessa! Harmi kun olin eri päivänä messuilla, olisi ollut kiva nähdä. Mutta ensi kertaan.

    Halauksia toivottaa hanna

  3. Onpas hyviä uutisia!

  4. you deserve the best!
    Good things happend to good people.. to everyone! I am happy to find you!

  5. Congratulations Anna Emilia, I love topi pittori editions and I'm quite looking forward to see what you will make for them.
    So happy painting to you!
    greetings from England!

  6. Congratulations on all your very exciting things going on!

  7. congratulations from every angle :) this is such wonderful news. here's to a happy winter!

  8. Great job again!
    When I see this picture I want to make a big quilt blanket!I just hope it as warm as your picture felt.

  9. earned an appearance!
    your butterflies winter intrigue me;)