Sunday 14 November 2010


Happy Father´s Day isi and pappa!

Forests, lakes, fields. Of those are these men made of. Of coffee in a thermos bottle, newspapers and radio. Firewood, summerhouses and sauna. Rocking chairs, birds and squirrels. Blue skies. Pine wood. Of early mornings.

That alder tree orchard is a field of green grass now. Those two little eskimos are a bit older now, me and my brother. They tell that it will be the winter of the winters this year. Maybe I should keep the knitting needles more busy and make hats like those. A Sunday is good for that, for every layer of paint drying.

Thank you for all your orders (and emails and comments) once again, they make me so happy! The Apple Blossom Meadow -print is sold out at the moment, but I will make some more during the next week.

Sunday of blue music, date-blueberry-cake and frost blue paint.

All my love,

Anna Emilia


  1. I found your blog and website a few weeks ago and I'm in love with your work. The details are breathtaking and the colors are so beautifully soft! Thanks for showing us your work. Greetings from the Netherlands!

  2. I love the picture the last picture!
    I don't like the cold, but you always make me wish I could go to Finland and be an eskimo myself...

  3. This was a beautiful post - I like "what your men are made of". Carolina

  4. what a lovely post... and i adore that 4th photo. adore.

  5. Oh, I like this post!
    I've got some Inuitblood in my veins, so some part of me is rembering.
    And the pictures of your father are touching ...

  6. i love your work too - it's so beautiful.

    Diana is always seem to make the cold and snow seem so warm and inviting!

    ...and I love to see the house full of textiles in the 4th photo.

  7. OMG your cards are just beautiful!!!!!!

  8. dear Anna-Emilia, thank you for... everything you do!

  9. thank you for this amazing post, anna-emilia! have a great day.

  10. lovely post anna emilia. i love your isi's house. it reminds me of grandparents' houses in scandinavia--a mishmash of classic old furniture, trasmattor (rag rugs) and new furniture, textiles, flowers and framed photos. and of course, the crooked painting. also love his purple pants and slippers. looks cozy.
    and your cards are beautiful.