Saturday 13 March 2010


Branches and the sun are tickling my window. The balcony door is ajar all day, buds appear in a vase, arugula grows greener, bigger leaves every moment. It is a film festival in the town, a slice of broccoli-olive pie on a plate and mandarin green tea in my cup. In the evening some concerts and tomorrow a new painting.

How is your weekend?
Street lamps were just turned on behind the lake. Happy sunset, happy weekend!


  1. my weekend is damp and gray, my favorite kind.

    i adore the 2nd photo. it makes my heart warm for spring :)

    xo Alison

  2. eka kuva on mielettömän kaunis! vau!

  3. Both of those photos are so beautiful! I love your curtains, and the shadows you captured on them. Your weekend sounds like it has the potential for magic... enjoy!

  4. What gorgeous light. Your weekend sounds wonderful.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love watching the seasons change. Here autumn is making a slow start. That broccoli-olive pie sounds amazing! Did you make it? Do you have the recipe?

  6. what beautiful days you have. my weekend was filled with sunshine and adventures. x

  7. Dear Alison,

    It sounds sure nice weekend. Hope you have a good start for the new week too!


    Kiitos kiltti Essi!


    Thank you dear Tumbleweed Woman! Sunny greetings to your new week!


    It was really nice dear Girl Ferment! Thank you for your visit!


    Dear Melski,

    I do love to watch and feel it too, eager to see what is happening on the other side of the Earth too! The broccoli-olive pie is pretty improvised, but goes pretty much like this and is vegan:

    100 g vegetable margarin
    3 dl spelt flour
    2 tablespoon linseeds
    touch of salt
    0,5 dl cold water

    I drank two cups of tea while the margarin was getting to the room temperature, added the spelt flour, linseeds and some salt. Mixed them all between fingers and finally added some water to make it all soft. I used a square glass plate where I made high walls and thin bottom with the dough. I turned on the oven to 175°C to get warm while making the filling.

    1 onion
    2 cloves garlic
    500 g broccoli
    jar of black olives
    3 carrots
    black pepper
    0,5 dl sunflower seeds
    2,5 dl soya cream
    1 tablespoon of spelt
    I fried the onion and garlic in oil and added small trees of the broccoli, turned the heat down under the pan and mixed olives and thin strips of carrots, sunflower seeds and some black pepper. I mixed some spelt with the soya cream and poured it with the vegetables on the glass plate where the dough was already waiting.

    I drank some more tea and waited 40 minutes and a bit longer as the soya cream had got some color and the bottom looked baked. Then some more tea when the pie had cooled down and finally I could taste it! Hopefully you can make it and enjoy as much as I do. I am pretty sure if you don´t want to make it vegan, the margarin and the cream is easy to substitute (:


    Dear Amy,

    That sounds wonderful. Every day I see more melt spots on the streets and start to wish for a small adventure! Have a great week!

  8. Oh! it is magnificient! I love the big flowers on you window!

  9. I love your blog, it's so peaceful and it makes me want to sleep all day under big blankets

  10. Happy to hear that dear Françoise!


    I wish that you can stay under those big blankets sometime soon dear Jane (: Nice to meet you!

  11. beautiful shadow... It's magical!!!