Wednesday 9 October 2019


Hello after a while! Still lovely to see that you keep visiting here, even though it has been quiet and most of things are updated on Instagram.

There is a new book with my illustrations available, in Finnish. The story is by Pauliina Vanhatalo and the book is published by S&S, the book is called “Nipistäjä-Kerttu".

Kerttu is a girl that likes her long finger nails and pinching when her family does not notice her enough. She forgets pinching while learning about the worlds that are inside each of us. The worlds that make us all special.

My illustration work was supported by three month grant by Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, thank you so much for it! Thank you also Pauliina and Mirjam, happy that I got to know this determined pincher girl and her world.

Happy autumn! 

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