Friday, 24 April 2015


The last days have been so pretty and warming. Flowers, phone calls, messages of congratulations, hugs. So wide smiles. 

This is me on Tuesday evening in beautiful Helsinki. Behind there is a beautiful street leading to a beautiful church. In front of me is beautiful Eili-Kaija that took this photo and behind her is a lovely square market and the sea. On my left, in this beautiful orange old house, there is a gallery, where an exhibition opened just before this photo was taken. In that exhibition opening, I received the Kaiku award, an award of a remarkable breakthrough as an illustrator by The Association of Finnish Illustrators.  So grateful, thank you, thank you! Receiving such an award from own colleagues means so much. They know the best how this work is.

Also, two other wonderful illustrators were awarded too. Laila Nevakivi got an award of distinguished teaching material and non-fiction illustrations and Kristiina Louhi received an award of remarkable life's work as an illustrator. 

In the exhibition there are works of us all three, original paintings, books, tableware and clothing. The exhibition is open until the 31st of May, 2015 in Virka Galleria, at the Helsinki City Hall. Hopefully you can visit! Please remember to sign the guestbooks if you go.

In the exhibition you can also see three documentary portraits of us three. The small videos were made by Kari Kuukka from DocImages. Here you can see a few screenshots from my video. If you are not able to go to the exhibition, the videos luckily can be watched also online, mine is here, the videos of Kristiina and Laila can be found here.

So happy! That is me on the left, Laila Nevakivi in the middle and Kristiina Louhi on the right. I love their works. Can you imagine, we all work with watercolours on such digital times.

Oh, all these pretty flowers! Thank you Kuvittajat ry, colleagues, friends and family! 


(The first photo is taken by Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi, the 2nd, 3rd and 5th photos are screenshots of a video made by Kari Kuukka, the 4th photo is by Anna Kähkönen.)



Voi onnellisuutta! Sain Kaiku palkinnon Kuvittajat ry:ltä tiistaina. Näyttely on auki Virka Galleriassa, Helsingissä Sofiankadulla aina 31.5.2015 asti. Siellä on myös palkittujen Kristiina Louhen ja Laila Nevakiven töitä sekä videot meistä kolmesta. 

Lisää voi lukea Kuvittajien sivuilta.


  1. Congratulations! You are so talented and amazing!

  2. yayayayayay! so great! congratulations big time!

  3. Congratulations! Your work is so delicate and inspiring.
    I enjoyed watching the video, too. Great seat, by the way!

  4. wish i could come to the show but im here in canada! congratulations! love your work...the award is well deserved.

  5. Onnea Anna Emilia paras vesivärityyppi! Täytyypä suunnitella retkeä Virka galleriaan!

  6. Oh, I am so HAPPY for you, dear Anna Emilia! Congratulations!! You deserve this award and I am sure that receiving it is a special kind of inspiration along your creative path in life! The film about you is wonderful, it really touched my heart! I believe the Adventure will become richer and more exciting with every new year. Good luck!:)x

  7. Congratulations!!! Your illustrations are so beautiful and delicate, you deserve it :)

  8. congratulations ! I love this video about you.

  9. Congratulations for everything Anna Emilia !! :) I'm kind of sad I won't be able to see your exhibition but the news are happy ones no matter what. You really deserve what you are experiencing. You really are a beautiful person, and the video confirmed that feeling I already had :)

  10. Fantastic! Congratulations! I'll make sure to visit the exhibition soon! :-)

  11. Congratulations!! Although I'm not surprised at all - yours are the most original, subtle and fresh paintings I've seen lately. :)

  12. Onnittelut!
    Näyttely oli suloinen,käytiin tänään.

  13. Congratulations Anna Emilia! No doubt you deserve it. I love the little video about you, it's so nice to learn more about your work and to hear you speak Finnish! I love the sound of that language. xx

  14. Congratulations Anna Emilia ! Your artwork is so wonderfull. I always dream and I always travel when I have a look to the beautifull watercolour painting you sent me some springtime ago...
    Do you know I tried desperatly to order some dishes and mug from Narumi, I found a friend who read japanese, we tried to order, we did... but unfortunatly Narumi did not ship outside Japan ! I was very upset ! I looooove so much your artwork !

    1. Unfortunately yes, the licence is only for Japan/Asia for the Narumi tableware at the moment. But I will of course let you know if one day they become available somewhere else too.