Wednesday 12 February 2014


February is filled with light. Yellow, grey and blue light. The birds are singing their shy spring-winter melodies, sometimes so surprising. But the snow is melting, when it should be the coldest time of the year. My skis are still waiting for many more adventures with fresh snow.

Hello Valentines! This Apple Tree Love and 14 other cards for any occasion available through Red Cap Cards.

Ti-tyy, ti-tyy, ti-tyy, the birds sing outside. 

Have a beautiful Valentine´s Day 

Lämpöisiä rutistuksia ystäville, kiitos kun olette ympärillä 


  1. Love the illustration above <3

    Can't imagine Finland without a thick blanket of snow. I always love Finnish Winters. Well, perhaps the dark got kinda old pretty soon ;-) Nevertheless, it's a magical time.

    Hope you can still ski sometime soon! I remember an Easter in Helsinki with a thick layer of snow ;-)

  2. Thank you so much Silvia, hello Denise!

    Spring and winter hum together outside, clearly talking loudly whose turn it is to appear.