Wednesday 9 February 2011


Warm Wednesday evening greetings from a house with fire in the oven, sauna warming up and snowflakes floating behind windows. A small February trip to fields and forests.

At home, during the previous days, flowers grew towards the light, I kept painting. In between my bicycle took me through all the snow to see a few wonderful movies (1 & 2). During nights the spring came closer. Birds sang wild in the darkness of the mornings while fetching newspaper from the mail box.

Dear Jane included me to her Where we blog from series. Thank you so much Jane!

Thank you once again also for your emails, comments, orders and even letters of the last weeks! They do make my heart to dance.

February hearts.


  1. Oh, it's a long time since I was out of a sauna and into the snow. How lovely to be in house like the one you describe... and filled with shyly opening flowers, no less.
    Thanks for this hazy, wonderful post... and enjoy the sauna!

  2. I like seeing you in your little lovely nook. The flowers, your cup of tea and that candle... all are so good. :)

  3. I love these photos, every sign of spring I get to see makes me happy right now :)

  4. Ahh - thanks Anna Emilia! I loved having you on my blog!!

  5. Your home is always quiet and peaceful.
    ...lovely pictures.

  6. I think, we all longing for spring and your home looks so welcoming.

  7. it's good to see you surrounded by plants and a good bowl in front of your screen ... our words are warmly welcomed!

  8. Great! I do think that spring is in the air, for we have a whole valley of snow bells, and pretty crocus.
    We are waiting for hundreds of crocus..........
    So cute! :)

    Kappacavy (9)

  9. Love the second photo! Very cool vibe.

  10. i like everything here!
    And those are the chairs I've been looking for... in black.