Wednesday 21 July 2010


Bare feet walking on white sand and shallow waves, wind blowing. Lighthouses appearing from behind mountains or top of them. Walking over a half desert peninsula to find on the other side the highest solitary waves, playing in them. Jumping and being thrown down to the sea bottom, feeling the power of the turquoise sea.

Jasmin was the scent of the air on our walks, the taste of the sweetest mangos in our mouths. A new magical island.

Yesterday I returned home to another kind of hot summer evenings. Everything is old, familiar and dear, but it feels also very new the same time. Trips could still last forever. Moments to breath, hold memories and remember new thoughts that they won´t disappear.

It looks like thunder here, but the weather might be just tricking me. The sky could be soon again filled with the tickling whiskers of the sun. I am settling down slowly, but the shop is again open. Thank you to everyone who has wrote me during these weeks, I will answer you very soon.

Hello dear all of you, how is your season? How are you? So happy to meet you here again.

(First image taken by S.)


  1. oh welcome back Anna Emilia, your images and your words show that you had a wonderful time..
    My summer season is good...I have lots to do before the move next week..but all is good : ) and I enjoy the warm summer nights a lot...

  2. i love your pictures! this must have been great there :)

  3. I-ha-ni-a! Missä ihmeessä on ollut noi maagisen väristä? No mutta kesäisen stadinkaan värikylläisyydestä en kyllä valita myöskään yhtään, on ollut niin nättiä että pyörryttää :)

  4. Welcome back! Lovely to see your new post this morning. Beautiful pictures! Hope you had a wonderful vacation. Can't wait to start ours!

  5. Unelmaisia kuvia. Näiden mukana pääsi pienelle matkalle, kiitos.

  6. Did I say hello before? Or did I just look in wonder. I can't say. But I'm saying hello now, because your blog IS a wonder, and so must you be, of course.
    What a treasure.

  7. welcome back...such gorgeous must have had a glorious time!

  8. I look forward to the influences of turquoise and jasmine on your work ...
    and yes what a pleasure to come back after a beautiful and exotic travel home and rediscovered!

  9. beautiful images. and thank you for your sweet reply! Sara

  10. wow! absolutely stunning! it's lovely to have you back in the land of blog :) what are you most looking forward to doing back home again?

  11. Dear Maria,

    Thank you so much! It was very precious time, hoping to have some more of it in the near future.

    You are moving already next week! Have a pleasant way under your feet!

    Happy that you think so too dear Kay.

    Dear Irene,

    Thank you. It surely was (:

    Hei kultainen Essi,

    Kiitos! Atlantilla oli turkoosia ja Saharan hiekkaa väreinä.

    Kesä kuulostaa olleen valtavan hyvä täälläkin. Puhkukaa sitä levälauttaa pois, ettei tulisi Helsingin rannoille!

    Thank you dear Yanyan and happy travels to you!

    Hei Ilona,

    Kiitos ja mukavaa jos pääsit hetkeksi reppuuni mukaan.

    Hello dear Ciara,

    Nice that you said hello! Thank you so much!

    Thank you dear Char!

    Dear Arrosoir,

    We´ll see together what comes from my brushes from now on!

    Thank you dear Sara!

    Thank you dear Melski!

    Of course painting (:

    Have happy days all of you!

  12. So wonderful to see that you are back, and so beautiful the pictures of the vacation. Nothing in the world can make me feel like the ocean does. Carolina

  13. oh i love the photos! i'm glad you had a lovely time. :) happy summer! nyc is warm, but there are many places to escape to and i'll be headed back to the midwest for a visit home - open spaces are wild fields are much needed!

    thanks for your lovely blog!

  14. anna anna... you are back from your exotic travels! I will have to wait another month to go to most colorful exotic indian land! I hope to hear from you soon, your parcel lasted all June, Juli with rediscoveries, as I moved my room to the small but sunny side and when unpacking my things again could enjoy the pictures and lovely words! Now a green tea, with special flavour :) and many thoughts from a quite creative sbeen (designing the windows for the Peter's Yard to-go-unit.. hanging cones, cups, spoons and big round crispbreads... pictures soon!). A big hug and big thank you for your words (and also the postcard!!).
    Happy sbeen sends happy smiles to Suomi! We named our drip-coffee Suomi! The swedish shop-owner Peter explained why, but I already knew ;)

    moi moi!xs

  15. oh you are lovely :) what beauty you saw in your travels. my season is going so so quickly! but i had a beautiful time in my homeland.

    i am so excited about your little shop - bravo! i look forward to having some of your inspiration in my home someday. i'd love to be able to by one of your paintings! someday!

    welcome home

  16. Dear Carolina,

    Thank you! Very happy to be at home when someone was waiting (:

    It feels always so strange to feel home by the sea indeed (even this time I was also a bit scared of its power), at least when I was born middle of forests and fields.

    Have a happy weekend and thank you for stopping by!


    Hello dear Kim,

    Thank you for your words and greetings all the way from New York, one of the places to dream about!

    Please come back soon again!


    Moi moi dearest Sbeen,

    Good luck for your travels to a huge country of adventures! (Try to find a lighthouse and an elephant to a same picture :)

    Sounds lovely in Peter´s Yard, eager to see what you have made. I read a small article about them and their buns on the way back home.

    Hugs. Many of them.


    Thank you dear girl in Paris!

    Happy to know that you got to visit your home.

    Have a good weekend!

  17. Hello, I feel wrm and cozy in your photo.
    where is there?
    so lovely color,:)

  18. Dear Lydia,

    These are secret spots in an island Fuerteventura.

  19. Your writing takes me to such a serene & beautiful place.